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 Astrolabe - AUGuries, Volume 5, Issue 1 . Return of the Ephemerissimo! 
January 2006 
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Dear Madalyn,

Happy 2006 (a little late but, better late than never) -- It's hard to believe that we have reached the halfway point in the first decade of the 21st Century. In this issue of AUGuries, you'll find our Ephemerissimo 2006, the ultimate guide to the Hot Dates and Hot Degrees of 2006. Enjoy!

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  • Enjoy $20.06 Off Your Purchase...
  • Planetary Highlights of 2006 - Ephemerissimo!
  • Solar Fire Tech Tips
  • News from Astrolabe: Cindy's Back/Terri's Leaving, Valliere's is Here, Job Opportunity, Astrolabe's Road Show
  • New from Jim Valliere!

  • Planetary Highlights of 2006 - Ephemerissimo!
    To help you with your forecasts in the coming year, we've organized the tangle of the year's planetary events to make the major patterns clear and reveal the most interesting phenomena of 2006. For openers, you'll find information on the upcoming Transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun, the first Major Standstill of the Moon since 1987, the first Neptune-Pluto parallel since 1918, and the first Pluto transit of the Galactic Center since the mid-18th century.

    You'll also find the basic tables of the dates, times and degrees of the important ingresses, aspects, stations, eclipses and Moon phases, handily summarized. Plus, to give added depth to your judgments, you'll find often-overlooked information, including the year's major planetary clusters extremes of declination and out-of-bounds periods maximum elongations Supermoons occultations dates when planets enter and exit their retrograde shadow the monthly positions, stations and aspects of the outer-planet midpoints the dates when there are many or zero planets in a given element or mode, and the dates when planets are most and least dignified. And there's more, too. . .

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    Solar Fire Tech Tips
    Did you know that Solar fire is updated regularly and that updates often include some feature enhancements? For instance, the latest update (v.6.0.25) includes Zodiacal analogue charts which are found under the Chart / Harmonic menu item. The types of Zodiacal analogues included are: Latitude, Right Ascension (R.A.), Declination, Azimuth, Local Horizon, Prime Vertical (Campanus Mundoscope), Prime Vertical Amplitude, Diurnal Arc (Placidus Mundoscope). Visit to obtain the latest update.

    SOLAR FIRE FAQs: How do I transfer my Solar Fire charts or data from one computer to another?

    There are a lot of different circumstances which can lead to the need to transfer your Solar Fire charts or data from one computer to another but the process to follow is the same in all cases.

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    News from Astrolabe: Cindy's Back/Terri's Leaving, Valliere's is Here, Job Opportunity, Astrolabe's Road Show

    Farewell Terri, Welcome Back Cindy

    Terri McCartney, our tech support person since July, has decided to leave Astrolabe and return to the sunny climes of Florida. Terri was a wonderful addition to our staff and we've all enjoyed getting to know her. She will be missed by staff and customers alike.

    On a happy note, Cindy Sullivan, our chart services/tech support person for the last eight years, has agreed to return to Astrolabe on a part-time temporary basis. Hopefully, we'll find a permanent replacement for Terri soon. To that end, see item below for a complete job description.


    Job Opportunity at Astrolabe

    We are looking for a tech support person with excellent communication skills, a good understanding of the Windows operating environment, and a basic understanding of computer programming who can deal with customers and assist Ray White, our programmer. The job is 35 hours/week at our headquarters in Brewster MA. We are not open to tele-commuting.

    You should have some or all of these skills:

    Fully conversant with Windows operating system

    Ability to write documentation

    Ability to help with simple programming jobs

    Ability to help users with installation and other technical problems

    HTML web design experience

    Understanding of astrology

    Familiarity with our software a plus!

    Please send resume, cover letter and salary requirements to



    3/4-3/5, 2006, Astrological Society of Princeton, Princeton NJ: Gary Christen will present a workshop on Saturday called "An Introduction to the Astrology of Symmetry" and give a lecture on Sunday entitled "Being a Uranian in a Saturnian World." For further information, you may contact A.S.P. by telephone (609-924-1827) or email:

    Gary Christen in New York City - details TBA. Call 1/800/843-6682 after 2/15/06 for details.

    3/14/06, New York City: Madalyn Hillis-Dineen will lecture on astro*carto*graphy for Shelley Ackerman's Tuesday Night Astrology series at The NY Theosophical Society 240 East 53rd St. (bet 2nd and 3rd Ave.) NYC 10022. Lecture begins at 6:45 pm.

    4/21-4/23, 2006: Midwest Astrology Conference, Cleveland OH. Madalyn Hillis-Dineen will be a speaker and Astrolabe will have a table in the trade show. For more info, visit

    New from Jim Valliere!
    2006 Valliere's Natural Cycles Almanac

    An indispensable yearly sourcebook, Valliere's Natural Cycles Almanac gives you vital planetary information that you won't find in an ephemeris. Detailed monthly graphs of planetary risings, settings, high and low points show when the planets will be most active at your spot on earth during 2005. The graphs are shaded to show you the all-round best times for taking action. Full instructions make them easy for even non-astrologers to understand. The graphs come in a handy size, and you can copy them for personal use.

    Valliere's 2006 Gamblers Calendar

    For the last 25 years, James T. Valliere has focused his energies on the study of lunar cycles and ancient calendar systems. His analysis of this information with gambling systems has enabled him to create the Gamblers Calendar.

    The Gamblers Calendar is based on research with internet and live poker, casino roulette and thoroughbred horse racing. These studies provide an invaluable guide to help you make money gambling. Also included are tips from gambling pros and casino insiders that you need to know to gamble profitably. With this calendar, you'll know the best days for gambling in 2006!

    More details...

    Enjoy $20.06 Off Your Purchase...
    ... of $150 or more, excluding shipping and handling. Use the discount code "savein06" between now and March 15, 2006 and take $20.06 off your order of $150 or more of any combination of software, chart services, and books. Read on for some great suggestions from our wonderful line of calculation and report software and chart services.

    Solar Fire has been highly acclaimed by reviewers and users alike since it was first released in 1992. It does all sorts of charts -- natal, progressed, returns, harmonic, composite and more. It includes many features -- like delineations of transits as well as natal chart factors, delineations of fixed stars, a planetarium view of the chart, a wheel and dial designer to customize your wheels, a page designer as well as many pre-designed pages for all sorts of astrological uses, an arabic parts editor, a time map calendar feature, a full variety of dynamic hit lists, midpoint sorts, classical astrology information like almutens and planetary hours and a multi-criteria planet search. The latest version, Solar Fire 6, has many wonderful new features. Follow this link for more details:

    Using Nova Chartwheels for Windows ushers you into a new world of astrological computing. With its cutting edge design, technical excellence and brilliant implementation of astrological techniques, Nova Chartwheels is uniquely positioned in the astrological software marketplace. The high precision calculation routines in Nova Chartwheels are based on Robert Hand's venerable Nova and Chartwheels programs for DOS. However, everything has been updated and added to in the light of the graphic possibilities available for the Windows operating system. Nova Chartwheels provides a highly interactive environment that allows you to manipulate on the screen what you previously did on paper. In short, Nova Chartwheels works the way you do - and lets you investigate a chart with ease and spontaneity. Go to

    The Astrolabe Report System is a wonderful series of report writers for Windows 95 or higher which contains both editable reports and signature reports. Currently, there are seven offerings within the system: Professional Natal Report, Personal Numerology, Asteroid Goddesses, Optimum Child, Professional Forecaster, Complete Relationship Report and EroScope. To read more about our report writers, see

    When it comes to chart services, our reports are among the best-selling anywhere. We've got a variety of natal, relationship and forecasting reports to choose from as well as the Astro Intelligence line of reports featuring Liz Greene and Robert Hand. Visit for more details.

    Remember, our sale ends 3/15/06. Be sure to enter the discount code "savein06" in our online shopping cart. Or, if you order by phone at 1/800/843-6682, be sure to tell your salesperson that you want to save in 06!

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