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 Astrolabe - AUGuries, Volume 5, Issue 2 . Reality Check 
Summer Solstice 2006 
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In this issue, we explore the upcoming Saturn/Neptune opposition and look at what happens when the planet of "reality" and the planet of "unreality" meet. We're pleased to announce the launching of Astro-Backup, a free, downloadable utility program that makes backing up your chart files easier than ever. We also have some new and enhanced tech features at our website including the Astrolabe Forum, a place to go and discuss your software tech issues. Plus, we're offering a 15% discount on any purchase over $75 through July 31, 2006.

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  • Save 15% On Purchases Over $75
  • Restructuring the World by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
  • Astro-Backup is Here!
  • Enhanced Tech Support From Astrolabe
  • News from Astrolabe: Comings and Goings, Astrolabe On The Road

  • Restructuring the World by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
    When I first wrote this article at the end of 2004 for the 2006 Llewellyn Starview Almanac (it is reprinted here with their kind permission), I had hoped that some of what I suggested might happen would not happen. But, alas, here I sit in June 2006 and fuel is currently over $3/gallon and climbing and the country is abuzz with the revelation that the NSA has been compiling a massive database of all of our phone calls. However, one of the more notable Saturn/Neptune manifestations we're seeing in the U.S. that I failed to mention is the outcry over illegal immigration. There is an outcry about our disintegrating (Neptune) borders (Saturn). Some find this appalling, calling the influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico an "invasion" and a threat to not only national security but to the very concept of what it means to nation. Borders, language, culture is their cry! Others believe that the dignity and well-being of those in need should transcend the artificial borders imposed by governments. Whatever your viewpoint on this issue, it is certainly one of the hot topics of the moment. Here's my article - I hope you enjoy it!

    Saturn, the planet of reality, and Neptune, the planet of unreality, will form an opposition aspect in 2006-7 when Saturn in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius. The coming together by conjunction and opposition of these two planets, that seemingly have little or nothing in common, mark times in history during which some very interesting social and political movements have occurred.

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    Astro-Backup is Here!
    FREE ASTRO-BACKUP PROGRAM Makes Transferring Your Chart Files Simpler Than Ever

    All of the files that you can customize in Solar Fire, including your chart data files, are found in the userdata subdirectory of your Solar Fire program. There are a lot of different circumstances which can lead to the need to transfer your Solar Fire charts or data from one computer to another. Or, perhaps you just want to play it safe (always a good idea) and have a backup of your client files in case of a computer crash or other mishap.

    With the new Astro-Backup program, you can easily save or transfer your chart files or your entire userdata subdirectory. You'll need Windows XP if you want to burn your files to a CD. If you don't have Windows XP, Astrobackup is still useful for copying your files to a zip drive or a memory stick.

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    Enhanced Tech Support From Astrolabe
    To serve you more efficiently, Astrolabe has instituted a variety of new tech support features at our website. First, you can now consult our Knowledge Base as well as our FAQs to see if your question has already been answered. If not, you are invited to use the Astrolabe Forum to submit your question or to discuss our software. You are also invited to use our new ticket system for your tech support questions. To learn more about our enhanced tech support features on our website, please click on the link below.

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    News from Astrolabe: Comings and Goings, Astrolabe On The Road

    Farewell Cindy, Welcome Marilyn

    It's time to say goodbye once again to Cindy Sullivan, Tech Support Genie. Cindy graciously returned to Astrolabe this winter on a part-time basis. But, now, she's giving up her Yankee roots and moving to Asheville, NC or Ashe-Vegas as she calls it. We wish her good luck and much happiness in her new life.

    We'd like to welcome Marilyn Harquail, who has been working in our tech department for a few months now. Marilyn's already been hard at work implementing our new knowledge base and tech ticket submission features. Marilyn has extensive experience in the tech realm and is an astrologer as well as an accomplished photographer. She provided the photograph for the Saturn/Neptune feature in this issue.



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