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 Astrolabe - AUGuries, Volume 5, Issue 4 . Moon Magic/Mayan Wisdom 
November-December 2006 
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This issue of AUGuries heralds a special offer for purchasers of Solar Fire: get a free AstroTides software program with your purchase of Solar Fire 6 - The Deluxe Edition. And, we are happy to announce the release of a brand new addition to our report writer family: Bruce Scofield's Mayan Life Path Astrology Report.

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  • Get AstroTides Free With Your Solar Fire Purchase!
  • The Twenty Signs of Mesoamerican Astrology by Bruce Scofield
  • You Have the Question, Knowledge Base Has the Answer!
  • All About Nova Chartwheels' Astro-Planner
  • News from Astrolabe: Gary Christen Solstice Talk/Astrolabe On The Road

  • The Twenty Signs of Mesoamerican Astrology by Bruce Scofield
    Perhaps as far back as 3,000 years a unique form of astrology began to evolve in the Mesoamerican region of the New World, today's Mexico and northern Central America. A sequence of 20 signs, not of space like our Western zodiac, but of time, evolved and became the core of a great astrological tradition that has been perpetuated up to the present time. The key to this tradition and the framework within which the 20 signs cycle is the 260-day astrological calendar. and climbing and the country is abuzz with the revelation that the NSA has been compiling a massive database of all of our phone calls. However, one of the more notable Saturn/Neptune manifestations we're seeing in the U.S. that I failed to mention is the outcry over illegal immigration. There is an outcry about our disintegrating (Neptune) borders (Saturn). Some find this appalling, calling the influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico an "invasion" and a threat to not only national security but to the very concept of what it means to nation. Borders, language, culture is their cry! Others believe that the dignity and well-being of those in need should transcend the artificial borders imposed by governments. Whatever your viewpoint on this issue, it is certainly one of the hot topics of the moment. Here's my article - I hope you enjoy it!

    The 260-day astrological calendar, also known as the sacred calendar or divinatory calendar, was used by all the major cultures up to the Aztecs, and is still being used by Maya peoples in the more remote sections of Mexico and Guatemala. It consists of a cycle of 20 days, each having a name and a specific symbolism that cycles 13 times. On a more subtle level is a cycle of 13 that repeats 20 times within this same period. A person's birth is recorded as occurring during one of the 20 signs, the day-sign, and also during a 13-day period or sign. Again, these are signs of time, not of space like the zodiac. According to anthropologists who have studied these peoples and their use of the calendar, it has not dropped a day since the invasion of the Spanish conquistadors and friars. Although the calendar itself survives, the meanings of the key symbols have become somewhat distorted and are in need of rehabilitation. interesting social and political movements have occurred.

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    You Have the Question, Knowledge Base Has the Answer!
    It's midnight, tech support is closed, and you just can't figure out how to email that Solar Fire chart to your chat room buddy in Kuala Lumpur. Ah! The Astrolabe Tech Support Knowledge Base has the answer to this and so much more! You can find frequently asked questions about all of our programs: Solar Fire, JigSaw, the Astrolabe Report System and Nova Chartwheels. We've even got articles about some of our DOS software that you may still be using on that old computer in your attic.

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    All About Nova Chartwheels' Astro-Planner
    Did you know that Nova Chartwheels includes a complete AstroPlanner that synchs with Palm Pilots and Outlook and creates a personal calendar that you can print out? This is great for keeping track of your appointments as well as your daily personal transits, progressions and solar arc directions.

    But, the Astro Planner Calendar is also a useful promotional tool for your client work. If your astro practice is anything like mine, you have a variety of clients, all with differing needs. But, all of them will benefit from their own Astro-Planner calendar. You can create individualized calendars for all your clients and even add your own personal comments about the quality of the day. These can be delivered in either print format or as files for use in Palm Pilots or Outlook.


    News from Astrolabe: Gary Christen Solstice Talk/Astrolabe On The Road
    Gary Christen's Annual Solstice Lecture at Astrolabe

    December 10, 2006: Gary's Annual Winter Solstice lecture and readings are legendary. If you've never experienced this, you should! The fee for the lecture is $25 and it begins at 11:30 am. Taped solstice readings are available for $50 pre-paid and are by advance registration only. If you want both a reading and to attend the lecture, the cost is $70. Call Astrolabe at 1/800/843-6682 to reserve your reading.


    December 10, 2006, New York City NCGR: Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, Astro*Carto*Graphy. Visit the New York City NCGR website for more details.

    March 7-12, 2007, NCGR National Conference Geocosmic Alchemy: Astrological Tools for the 21st Century, Baltimore MD: Gary Christen will lecture on Symmetrical Astrology and Madalyn Hillis-Dineen will lecture on Astro*Carto*Graphy. Visit the Astrolabe booth in the trade show for a 20% discount on software. Ray White will give a presentation in the conference Free Speech Room. Tell me more about the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

    United Astrology Conference 2008, May 14-21, 2008, Denver CO: Gary Christen and Madalyn Hilis-Dineen are lecturers. Astrolabe will have a booth in the trade show. UAC is probably the largest gathering of astrologers in the world. Visit the UAC website.

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    Get AstroTides Free With Your Solar Fire Purchase!
    Free AstroTides software with your purchase of Solar Fire 6 - The Deluxe Edition

    AstroTides is a unique software product from Esoteric Technologies, authors of Solar Fire, that charts the phases of the Moon and provides general and personal Lunar information -- useful for anyone wanting to make plans according to the Moon. This innovative software displays all sorts of phase information in a colorful array of strips. You can choose which strips to display at any time. Features include gardening by the moon. lunar events, meditations, lunar mansions, void of course moon and tide information as well as your personal lunar phase return and lunar return. And, it's free with your purchase of a new Solar Fire 6 or an upgrade! Click here to find out more about AstroTides.

    Solar Fire has been highly acclaimed by reviewers and users alike since it was first released in 1992. It does all sorts of charts -- natal, progressed, returns, harmonic, composite and more. It includes many features -- like delineations of transits as well as natal chart factors, delineations of fixed stars, a planetarium view of the chart, a wheel and dial designer to customize your wheels, a page designer as well as many pre-designed pages for all sorts of astrological uses, an arabic parts editor, a time map calendar feature, a full variety of dynamic hit lists, midpoint sorts, classical astrology information like almutens and planetary hours and a multi-criteria planet search. The latest version, Solar Fire 6, has many wonderful new features. For more details on Solar Fire, visit our website.

    Bruce Scofield's Mayan Life Path Astrology Report is Here!

    Long before Europeans came to Mexico and Central America, the native Olmec, Toltec, Maya, Zapotec and Aztec peoples developed a remarkable sacred calendar which was used as a cosmic-historical grid that both established and interpreted the passing of time. Intrigued by this unique form of New World astrology, author and astrologer Bruce Scofield spent several decades reconstructing it through the best scholarly sources to arrive at an understanding of how the ancient symbols might apply to modern lives.

    The result has been a series of books on Mesoamerican astrology, including the forthcoming (January 2007) How to Practice Mayan Astrology: The Tzolkin Calendar and Your Life Path with Barry Orr -- plus computer software that can take any date, find its place in the most important Maya/Aztec cycles, and interpret that date's significance. That software is now available for Windows as the new Mayan Life Path Astrology Report. Using it, you can find out about your character and destiny in the light of five important Maya/Aztec cycles: your Day-Sign, your Day Number, your Year Cycle, your Night Lord, and your Venus Phase. Combining these five cycles gives an astonishingly rounded picture of your personality and capabilities.

    The Mayan Life Path Astrology Report is available as both software and as a printed or emailed report. Tell me more about the Mayan Life Path Astrology Report.

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