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 Astrolabe - AUGuries, Volume 3, Issue 3 . Resurrection 
August 2004 
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The movie "The Passion of Christ" may seem like old news but the astrological significance of its release and success are not. The 2004 Presidential campaign is upon us and it's likely that how the candidates' religious views influence their stand on important secular issues such as embryonic stem cell research and gay marriage will be a major focus. While writing an article on the success of Mel Gibson's movie, our customer and Solar Fire user Judith Goldberg called for some tech support. When we finally saw her finished article, we thought we'd share it with all of you.

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  • THE RESURRECTION - Passion, Prophecy, Planets & Popcorn by Judith Goldberg
  • August '04 Tech Tip - Solar Fire Font and ACS PC Atlas Issues by Ray White
  • News from Astrolabe
  • Planetary Pictures: An Introduction by Gary Christen

  • THE RESURRECTION - Passion, Prophecy, Planets & Popcorn by Judith Goldberg
    "Were you there when they nailed Him to the cross?" Or, maybe you caught the dramatic re-enactment recently playing at a theater near you. After its release on Ash Wednesday, Mel Gibson's blockbuster epic, "The Passion of the Christ" became one of the highest grossing movies of all time. While moviegoers may have found it difficult to swallow their popcorn (the content is graphically violent), the film generated a media feeding frenzy, both pre and post release...

    ... Christian theology was front and center in the public arena and with overlapping Passover and Easter celebrations, perhaps it is relevant in 2004 to paraphrase the question Jews have been asking at the Seder table for thousands of years-not "Why is this night different from all other nights", but "Why is this year different from all others?" As one might guess, the timing is anything but coincidental, and much of the heightened visibility owes more to the stars in heaven than in Hollywood.

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    August '04 Tech Tip - Solar Fire Font and ACS PC Atlas Issues by Ray White
    Fonts are one of the most problematic componests of Windows astrology programs. Astrology programs use their own special fonts which contain the astro glyphs and other symbols that astrologers need. These special fonts have to be installed on any computer that is running the astrology software. The version of the font file has to match your version of the program as well as your version of Windows. When the proper font isn't installed, you can get strange characters instead of astro glyphs such as alpha letters, squares or miscellaneous characters on the screen and/or printer.

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    News from Astrolabe
    AUTOMATED ONLINE ORDER PROCESSING ON OUR WEBSITE: We've come through the first two months of automatic credit card processing on our website without hitting too many snags. But, if you did have trouble with the site, we ask you to try again. There were some glitches and short periods of down-time that have now been solved. See our "Free Shipping" sale details and save on everything you order through our online shopping cart.

    AUGUST IS VACATION TIME FOR ASTROLABORERS: Four Astrolabe staff members will be taking vacations in August so we ask for your patience when calling for questions or tech support. Madalyn will be going "home" to New York and New Jersey for family stuff and fun from August 6-11. Debbie will spend the week of August 16th "just" chillin' -- sunbathing and doing crafts. Ray begins his vacation on his birthday (Aug. 20, which he believes should be a national holiday) and will keep the celebration going all through the week of the 23rd. Cindy's heading for parts unknown on August 30th through Labor Day.

    Planetary Pictures: An Introduction by Gary Christen
    In our last issue, I discussed the revitalization of astrology at the beginning of the twentieth century and, in particular, the impact of a German astrologer, Alfred Witte. Witte's main contribution to modern astrology is really a process of systematic thinking - discovering and articulating the underlying theories that govern various techniques and expressing them in modern terminology. These ideas are far-reaching and the thought process containing them is profoundly liberating

    In the next few articles we will focus on one of the central features of Witte's observations, the geometry of the parts that make up a horoscope-- what he called "planetary pictures." To understand planetary pictures, we must first understand what midpoints are and this is quite easy.

    Full article

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    Enjoy what remains of the lazy, hazy days of summer!

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