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 Astrolabe - AUGuries, Volume 6, Issue 1 . Return of the Ephemerissimo! 2007 
January 2007 
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Happy 2007 -- a little late but, better late than never. In this issue of AUGuries, you'll find our Ephemerissimo 2007, the ultimate guide to the Hot Dates and Hot Degrees of 2007. You'll also find a wonderful article on Age Harmonics, courtesy of Dymock Brose and Esoteric Technologies. Enjoy!

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in this issue
  • Our Valentine's Gifts For You
  • Ephemerissimo! - The Planetary Highlights of 2007 by Patricia White
  • Solar Fire Tech Tips - Age Harmonics by Dymock Brose
  • News from Astrolabe: Astrolabe's Road Show
  • New from Jim Valliere!

  • Ephemerissimo! - The Planetary Highlights of 2007 by Patricia White
    Ephemerissimo aims to provide planetary information for the coming year that in many respects goes beyond what you would find in an ephemeris.

    It adds information like element, mode and dignity tallies for any date; dates when planets are in their "retrograde shadow"; lunar phases that are intensified by perigees (Supermoons) and zero and maximum declinations; charts for the Saros-starting eclipses as well as the 2007 eclipses; eclipse maps; the Moon's occultations of planets and major stars; certain relevant but usually overlooked aspects; positions and aspects of the major midpoints; conjunctions to the Cardinal Axis; lunar and planetary declination cycles with out-of-bounds periods; and maximum elongations and heliacal risings and settings of Mercury and Venus. If unusual, seldom-occurring astronomical events are predicted, it also includes them.

    Full story

    Solar Fire Tech Tips - Age Harmonics by Dymock Brose
    The most notable advance in astrological techniques for centuries has been the development of Harmonics into Age Harmonics. Most experienced astrologers are familiar with the general concept of Harmonics, as expounded by John Addey. They have been in use from ancient times. But only the advance guard of astrologers have grasped the significance, uniqueness and great utility of Age Harmonics.

    What is different about AGE Harmonics? It is principally the concept of using the age of a person, an organization, a nation, a city, an enterprise, etc, to elicit information concerning the future of that person, nation, enterprise, etc. This is probably its most important role but by no means the only one. Age Harmonics have a unique value in several areas of Astrology where they shed light on questions that have perplexed practitioners from time immemorial.

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    News from Astrolabe: Astrolabe's Road Show

    3/8-3/12, 2007, NCGR National Conference: Geocosmic Alchemy, Astrological Tools for the 21st Century, Baltimore MD: Gary Christen will lecture on Symmetrical Astrology and Madalyn Hillis-Dineen will lecture on Astro*Carto*Graphy. Madalyn will participate in a panel on Building an Astrological Practice and both Madalyn and Gary will participate in a panel called "Pluto at the G-Spot: Global Survival 2007 and Beyond". Ray White will give a presentation in the conference Free Speech Room on his favorite chart for the US and other interesting tidbits. Visit the Astrolabe booth in the trade show for a 20% discount on software. Tell me more about the National Council for Geocosmic Research

    May 14-21, 2008, UAC 2008, Denver CO: Gary Christen and Madalyn Hilis-Dineen are lecturers. Astrolabe will have a booth in the trade show. UAC is probably the largest gathering of astrologers in the world. Read more about it at

    Astrolabe Events Page

    New from Jim Valliere!
    2007 Valliere's Natural Cycles Almanac

    An indispensable yearly sourcebook, Valliere's Natural Cycles Almanac gives you vital planetary information that you won't find in an ephemeris. Detailed monthly graphs of planetary risings, settings, high and low points show when the planets will be most active at your spot on earth during 2005. The graphs are shaded to show you the all-round best times for taking action. Full instructions make them easy for even non-astrologers to understand. The graphs come in a handy size, and you can copy them for personal use.

    Valliere's 2007 Gamblers Calendar

    For the last 25 years, James T. Valliere has focused his energies on the study of lunar cycles and ancient calendar systems. His analysis of this information with gambling systems has enabled him to create the Gamblers Calendar.

    The Gamblers Calendar is based on research with internet and live poker, casino roulette and thoroughbred horse racing. These studies provide an invaluable guide to help you make money gambling. Also included are tips from gambling pros and casino insiders that you need to know to gamble profitably. With this calendar, you'll know the best days for gambling in 2007!

    And, as a bonus, this year's calendar includes an informative essay by Jim Britcliffe, Notes on the Psychology of Online No Limit Hold 'Em Tournaments.

    More details...

    Our Valentine's Gifts For You
    Free Historical Data Collection with purchase of Solar Fire

    Arthur Blackwell and the Astrolabe staff put in years of painstaking research, not only into biographies, but also (important for early charts) into the timekeeping conventions of other times and places. Including over 500 figures from history as well as classic celebrities of our own times, the Historical Data Collection gives you dazzling examples for lectures, writing and research. FREE with your purchase of Solar Fire v. 6, new or upgrade. (A $50 value.)

    Solar Fire has been highly acclaimed by reviewers and users alike since it was first released in 1992. It does all sorts of charts -- natal, progressed, returns, harmonic, composite and more. It includes many features -- like delineations of transits as well as natal chart factors, delineations of fixed stars, a planetarium view of the chart, a wheel and dial designer to customize your wheels, a page designer as well as many pre-designed pages for all sorts of astrological uses, an arabic parts editor, a time map calendar feature, a full variety of dynamic hit lists, midpoint sorts, classical astrology information like almutens and planetary hours and a multi-criteria planet search. The latest version, Solar Fire 6, has many wonderful new features. Follow this link for more details:

    Free Book with purchase of Bruce Scofield's Mayan Life Path Astrology Report!

    Long before Europeans came to Mexico and Central America, the native Olmec, Toltec, Maya, Zapotec and Aztec peoples developed a remarkable sacred calendar which was used as a cosmic-historical grid that both established and interpreted the passing of time. Intrigued by this unique form of New World astrology, author and astrologer Bruce Scofield spent several decades reconstructing it through the best scholarly sources to arrive at an understanding of how the ancient symbols might apply to modern lives.

    The result is computer software that can take any date, find its place in the most important Maya/Aztec cycles, and interpret that date's significance. The new Mayan Life Path Astrology Report tells about your character and destiny in the light of five important Maya/Aztec cycles: your Day-Sign, your Day Number, your Year Cycle, your Night Lord, and your Venus Phase. Combining these five cycles gives an astonishingly rounded picture of your personality and capabilities.

    Purchase Mayan Life Path Astrology Report by 2/28/07 and receive a FREE copy of Bruce Scofield's book Signs of Time: An Introduction to MesoAmerican Astrology Follow this link for more details:

    Get Your Mayan Life Path Astrology Report FREE with your purchase of an Asteroid Goddess or Eroscope Report

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