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 Astrolabe - AUGuries, Volume 3, Issue 2 . Coming Full Circle 
June 2004 
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The "Transit of Venus" and Summer Solstice are rapidly approaching, reminding us of the infinite perfection of the universe and its cycles. Though the world is surely in turmoil, take time to look at the wonders of nature all around and have faith in the ultimate triumph of love over hate.

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  • Astrolabe Reports in an Instant!
  • Coming Full Circle - The June 8, 2004 Transit of Venus by Pat White
  • Tech Tip of the Month - The Ins and Outs of the Solar Fire Page Designer by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
  • News from Astrolabe
  • Symmetrical Astrology: An Overview of Its Origins by Gary Christen

  • Coming Full Circle - The June 8, 2004 Transit of Venus by Pat White
    In our very first issue of AUGuries, we wrote about the October 10, 2002 retrograde station of Venus, and the Sun-Venus inferior conjunction that was to follow on October 31, 2002. In that issue we mentioned 584-day cycle from one inferior conjunction of Venus to the next. We also noted Venus's traditional association with the Arabs and Islam.

    Now, almost exactly 19 months have passed -- the length of another complete Venus cycle. On May 17, 2004, Venus again made a retrograde station, this time at 26 Gemini 08 (on the day that Neptune also went retrograde, the New York Stock Exchange had its 202nd anniversary, the Indian stock exchange experienced its greatest ever one-day drop, and same-sex marriages began in Massachusetts). Following this, on June 8, Venus makes her next inferior conjunction with the Sun, at 17 Gemini 53.

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    Tech Tip of the Month - The Ins and Outs of the Solar Fire Page Designer by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
    Solar Fire's page designer is a major factor in making the program one of the most flexible and customizable pieces of software on the market. There are a number of page designs that come with the program that are geared to a variety of astro techniques and disciplines. But, you can also design your own page and even make that page your default view. Solar Fire's page designer allows you to add objects and the flexible lists columns allow you to add all sorts of information about a planet or point. You can even marry a certain wheel design or displayed points file to a particular design, making it quite easy to create highly specialized chart forms.

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    News from Astrolabe
    AUTOMATED ONLINE ORDER PROCESSING ON OUR WEBSITE: We're happy to announce that our website is now equipped with automatic credit card processing. Previously, financial transactions for all online orders were processed by hand. This new process will help expedite your order. If there is a problem with your card, you will be notified and asked to either start your order over again or to call us here at Astrolabe. In addition to automatic credit card processing, we also have online delivery of Astrolabe Reports in our chart service. In addition, you can now get your Astrolabe Report (except Forecaster and Numerology reports) in just minutes! Forecaster and Numerology reports are available via email but not through the automatic electronic delivery. And, of course, you can still get all of our Astrolabe Reports beautifully bound in our new report covers. Please note that there is no online delivery available for Astro-Intelligence Reports. They are only available as hard copy reports via "snail mail."

    LUCKY, LUCKY DEBBIE: Debbie Medina-Pearson, Customer Service, recently won a local radio contest and was surprised by WCOD (106.1 FM) at work with $106 and enough muffins and pastries for the whole office.

    To see photos of Lil' Debbie's big win...

    Symmetrical Astrology: An Overview of Its Origins by Gary Christen
    The 20th century was an extraordinary era for astrology. In the previous 250 years, Western astrology had been discarded by the intellectual elite. Just prior to 1900, astrology began emerging from an intellectual free-fall, and for the first time in many centuries, it began to become innovative again.

    Since the 1600s astrology had been surviving in the nooks and crannies of Western society. During this period it had undergone the decay of its institutional knowledge to the point that what was being passed off as astrological knowledge was basically watered-down pap, bearing little resemblance to the vital forms of astrology that had been practiced just a few centuries earlier. See what being an intellectual outcast can do to a body of knowledge in a few years? When first-rate minds leave the scene, things dumb down very fast.

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    Astrolabe Reports in an Instant!
    We're pleased to announce that our online chart delivery service is now automated. That's right -- no more waiting for Cindy to return to work after a weekend off to charge your credit card and prepare your Astrolabe Reports. Our new automatic online delivery gives you your report in just minutes! We've not yet implemented the service for Forecaster and Numerology but those will be coming soon.

    During June, you can take advantage of savings on your purchase of Astrolabe Reports software or chart service. These titles include Professional Natal Report, Complete Relationship Report, Professional Forecaster Report, Personal Numerology Report, the sexy Eroscope Report and our signature reports Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George and Optimum Child by Gloria Star. Please note:Astro-Intelligence Reports are only available as hard copy and are not included in this sale.

    To save $5 on each Astrolabe Report service purchased (either by email or beautifully bound), enter the discount code Venus in the Discount Code box on our online order form.

    To save $25 on each Astrolabe Report software program purchased, enter the discount code Mars in the Discount Code box on our online order form. If you are ordering both chart service and software, you will need to order twice in order to give the appropriate discount code for each type of product ordered.

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