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 Astrolabe - AUGuries, Volume 6, Issue 1 . Something Old, Something New! 
March 2007 
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Dear Madalyn,

This issue of AUGuries is jam-packed with new offerings and the return of an old favorite as well.

Astrolabe is pleased to once again offer Solar Maps v. 3 for sale. For mapping enthusiasts, Solar Maps is the program to have.

And, we've also got exciting news for users of internet enabled mobile phones -- you can have instant access to the chart of the moment on your phone!

Many of you have requested that we produce a Solar Fire Instructional DVD and your wish is granted. Check the sidebar for all the details.

We welcome your feedback. Let us know what you'd like to see in our monthly issues of AUGuries. And, if you have an article or item to contribute, please do send it along to

Please be sure to read about our welcome back spring specials.

in this issue of AUGuries
  • Something Old, Something New!
  • The Astrology of Place by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
  • Solar Fire Tech Tips - Get Your Atlas Update
  • News from Astrolabe: Free Current Astro-Weather on Your Mobile Phone
  • Astrolabe on the Road and NCGR Conference Recap

  • The Astrology of Place by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
    Locality astrology or astro-mapping, an astrological technique that seeks to discover the connection between geographical locations and planetary influences, is a uniquely 20th Century phenomenon. After all, for ancient astrologers, the idea of moving more than several hundred miles from one’s birthplace was as inconceivable as the automobile, the jet plane or space travel. At first, astro-maps were used for mundane astrology – the astrology of world events and the horoscopes of nations. It was the exceptionally gifted astrologer, Jim Lewis, who popularized the technique by applying it to the charts of individuals. Through his amazingly popular Astro*Carto*Graphy™ maps, Jim Lewis introduced a sophisticated astrological technique to the masses. Even a daytime soap opera character once went off to have her astro*carto*graphy map read to see if there was somewhere on earth where she could finally find true happiness. Though enduring contentment is not ever likely to happen on a soap opera, many thousands of people consult locality astrologers each year to help them find a favorable place for romance, career, retirement or a pleasurable vacation.

    Full story

    Solar Fire Tech Tips - Get Your Atlas Update
    This year, the United States is on a new schedule for daylight time and users of Solar Fire and the ACS Atlas need to update their programs or, in some cases, upgrade their software.

    If you own Solar Fire 6 and use the built-in atlas, you should get the update for the ACS built in atlas

    Owners of the ACS stand alone atlas (an optional product used with other software we sell such as Solar Fire 5, The Astrolabe Report System, Nova chartwheels, etc.) can also update the stand-alone ACS PC Atlas.

    (Some users will want and need both of these updates.)

    If you own Solar Fire 5.1, the built in atlas for this product will not be updated because 5.1 was discontinued and the file format for the built in atlas has changed.

    However, Solar Fire 5.1 owners who have the stand alone atlas can update the stand alone atlas using the link above and then set their Solar Fire preferences to use the stand alone atlas instead of the built-in atlas. To do that, click on Preferences on the main menu of Solar Fire and then Edit Settings. Next, click on the Places tab and choose the ACS Stand Alone under Atlas to Use.

    Owners of Solar Fire 5.1 who do not have the stand alone atlas will need to upgrade to Solar Fire 6 to get the updated atlas information.

    If you don't have automatic updates to Windows turned on, you may need to download Windows updates as well. Click on Learn More to get a link to those updates.

    Learn more

    News from Astrolabe: Free Current Astro-Weather on Your Mobile Phone
    Our popular Astro-Weather feature is used by thousands of people each day. Now, you can get that same feature on your web-enabled mobile phone. Get FREE current chart for my mobile phone.

    Since June 2002, we've calculated over 3 million natal charts at our website. Now, we've added two new free features to our collection.

    Astrolabe's Free Stuff Page

    Astrolabe on the Road and NCGR Conference Recap
    June 9, 2007, NY NCGR, Hunter College: Gary Christen will lecture on Uranian Thoughts for a Saturnian World. For details, visit the NYC NCGR website. Gary will also organize free Nova Chartwheels focus groups while he's in New York. Stay tuned for more details.

    September 27-29, 2007, The OPA 5th Annual Astrologer's Retreat, Sanibel Island, FL: Gary Christen will offer a track on Uranian Astrology For details, visit the OPA website.

    May 14-21, 2008, UAC 2008, Denver CO: Gary Christen and Madalyn Hilis-Dineen are lecturers. Astrolabe will have a booth in the trade show. UAC is probably the largest gathering of astrologers in the world. Tell me more about UAC..

    PLUTO (and the Astrolaborers) IN THE SPOTLIGHT at NCGR Confererence

    (Reprinted courtesy of Tim Bost, #0711, email

    For the past several days I've been in Baltimore, Maryland, where I lectured on Friday on "How to Find the Money in Your Horoscope" for a conference sponsored by the National Council for Geocosmic Research.. The event was held at the newly renovated and restored Tremont Grand facility, a building which housed the historic home of Baltimore freemasonry. The meeting rooms were architecturally uplifting and intellectually stimulating environments for the conference sessions--a real treat. The trip to Baltimore also provided an opportunity for a visit to Old St. Paul's Episcopal Church, founded in 1692 and right next door to the Masonic hall. It too provided lots of opportunity for historical fascination and creative inspiration. While the conference sessions themselves were primarily about non-financial astrological topics like psychological archetypes, traditional methodologies for planetary interpretation, and ideas for enhancing current practice by professional astrologers, there were also some discussions of trends in economics and geopolitics as well. One of the key factors that came under scrutiny was the upcoming conjunction of Pluto with the Galactic Center, which will take place toward the end of the current decade.

    One conference participant, Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, suggested that this configuration will bring about "exposure of despicable levels of corruption in governmental leadership" with an accompanying "financial meltdown."

    Veronica Willson of the UK suggested that as this phenomenon helps usher in massive changes, we as human beings will be obliged to change our responses to global situations. "In the Aquarian Age," she said, "we can no longer project the shadow onto the collective; we have to take personal responsibility for what happens in the world."

    Baris Ilhan, a conference delegate from Turkey, shared the notion that this passage of Pluto will signal the beginning of a big shift in Islam, with a change toward more acceptance of differences in individual beliefs.

    Misty Kuceris hinted that there may be upcoming parallels with the economic situation in 1932, when Ceres transited the Galactic Center.

    Using the techniques of symmetric astrology, Gary Christen shared the results of a detailed investigation into previous occurrences of this planetary phenomenon during the past couple of millennia. Noting planetary similarities with the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 and with the period in the 12th century when five different volcanoes erupted, he suggested that the period between 2009 and 2011 will bring major geophysical changes to the planet, followed by a corresponding economic upheaval.

    All in all, the astrologers who spoke on the subject seemed to agree that "Pluto going over the Galactic Center is going to change our world," no matter what their differences of opinion about the specific events that may accompany it.

    Astrolabe on the Road

    Something Old, Something New!
    Solar Maps is Back!

    For a limited time only, get Solar Maps from Astrolabe.

    Here's are just a few of the new features in Solar Maps 3:
    • Dynamic Map Animation
    • Midpoint and Planet Aspects Lines;
    • Hurricane and Earthquake Tracking;

    This is a limited time offer at a very special price -- only $180! But, you must purchase by April 30, 2007. Tell me more about Solar Maps 3.

    Finally, the Solar Fire Instructional Video You've Asked For Is Here!

    Getting the Most from Solar Fire with Madalyn HIllis-Dineen

    Though Solar Fire is an extremely intuitive program to use, many users find that they have not scratched the surface of the options available in this powerful program. The instructional DVD comes in two parts and is available for purchase separately or as a set. DVD 1, the Basics, teaches you all you need to know in order to get started with your Solar Fire program. DVD 2 is divided into two parts: Browsing Through Time and Customizing Solar Fire. In Browsing Through Time, you'll get a full exploration of Solar Fire's dynamic features. The section on Customizing Solar Fire takes you through editing wheels, page files and more.

    Tell me more about the Solar Fire instructional DVD set.

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