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 Astrolabe - AUGuries, Volume 3, Issue 4 . Harmonic Concordance Redux 
October 2004 
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Dear Madalyn,

Do you remember the Harmonic Concordance of November 8/9 2003? It was an exciting time for millions of people all over our beloved planet. Concordance celebrations were held in Moscow, Maylasia, Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, and everywhere in between, at the time of that Total Lunar Eclipse. Now, our friend and customer Johnny Mirehiel points out that there is another set of dynamic astrological patterns that are coming our way. We thought we'd share his take on "Concordance II" with you. Concordance II celebrations are planned for all over the world... check for an up to date listing.

We welcome your feedback. Let us know what you'd like to see in our monthly issues of AUGuries. And, if you have an article or item to contribute, please do send it along to

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  • Buy Two, Get One Free!***
  • The Grand Quintiles of October by Johnny Mirehiel
  • October '04 Tech Tip - Right Click Magic in Solar Fire! by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
  • News from Astrolabe
  • Planetary Pictures 101 by Gary Christen

  • The Grand Quintiles of October by Johnny Mirehiel
    Perhaps you might remember that the chart of November 8, 2003 contained a Total Lunar Eclipse that coincided with the appearance of a Grand Sextile pattern, comprised of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron. That chart was the basis for what came to be known as The Harmonic Concordance. My understanding of that planetary picture projected an "astro-Spiritual best case scenario" for the outworking of the dynamic energies that the chart's metaphors described. It found expression in a gathering of many millions of people worldwide - calling, in one voice, at one moment of time, for Unity, Healing and the descent of individual God Conscious awareness.

    In this piece, I would like to bring yet another astrological configuration to your attention. I feel it offers a similar opportunity for such a gathering, and for such a purpose. I present this information for your consideration, comments and contributions to the dialogue on these charts.

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    October '04 Tech Tip - Right Click Magic in Solar Fire! by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
    Every time you use your mouse, you can thank Douglas Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute. He actually invented the mouse in 1963 and received US Patent 3541541 for an "X-Y Position Indicator For A Display System" on November 17, 1970. This first mouse sported two gear wheels perpendicular to each other and was awkward to use. Engelbart's mouse had only one button but, somewhere along the line, the number of mouse buttons grew to as many as five. But, the most popular mouse, by far, is a two button mouse. And, the most common purpose for the second button is to call up a context sensitive menu, which contains options specifically tailored to the program element over which the mouse was positioned. Operating this second button is often referred to as a right-click.

    Solar Fire has a number of areas where right-clicks bring up handy and useful menus and it all starts on the main page.

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    News from Astrolabe
    ASTROLABE ON THE ROAD: Madalyn Hillis-Dineen will be at the SOTA conference in Toronto, Canada from 10/28-10/31. Visit her at the Astrolabe booth in the trade show and save 20% or more on all your purchases. ********************************************* Gary Christen and Madalyn Hillis-Dineen are lecturing at the Northern NJ Astrology Conference from March 5-7, 2005 at the Beaver Brook Country Club in Clinton, NJ. Visit for more details.

    GETTING THE MOST FROM SOLAR FIRE 5: Do you want to use your Solar Fire software to its full potential? Madalyn Hillis-Dineen's elective course, "Getting the Most from Solar Fire 5", offered through the Online College of Astrology may be just the ticket. The next class session begins Saturday, November 6, 2004 at 10:05 am Eastern and runs for five weeks. The class meets in a chat room at the Online College of Astrology website. If you would like more information on the class, please write to

    SOLSTICE TALK AT ASTROLABE: Gary Christen will be doing his annual solstice talk some time in December. We don't have an exact date yet but check the Events page at our website for details soon or call us at 1/800/843-6682.

    Planetary Pictures 101 by Gary Christen
    Last time, I discussed midpoints as the simplest case of a planetary picture. By showing a factor standing in a given midpoint, (I used Mars/Jupiter=Sun as our example) we could easily see that the focus of the structure was the Sun standing midway between Mars and Jupiter. When there is a point to focus upon, it is easy to see the expression of energies. Occupied midpoints would therefore seem to be very powerful.

    If, however, our Mars/Jupiter midpoint were unoccupied (and the two planets weren't in aspect to each other), the native would have no expression of their energies. When unoccupied (and not reinforced by being the midpoint of other factors), a midpoint is latent. It can express itself only when it becomes occupied by a dynamic factor, or by a point from another horoscope. If a progression, direction or transit were to cross the Mars/Jupiter midpoint axis or aspect it, at that time the Mars/Jupiter energies would come to life in the horoscope and express themselves. Alternatively, if a factor from the horoscope of a nation, corporation, group or another person were to occupy or aspect the Mars/Jupiter axis, Mars/Jupiter could also find expression in the native's life. (In the future there will be more about aspects to a midpoint axis.)

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