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Summer Solstice News from Astrolabe
Vol. 7, Issue 1
Dear Madalyn,
We're celebrating summer with 10% savings on Solar Fire. Don't miss this chance for savings on the world's most popular astrology software. You can also save $25 on the Getting the Most From Solar Fire DVD Set.

Also, if you already are a Solar Fire owner, please be sure to visit our website for the latest update and a great article on using Solar Fire for declination work by Leigh Westin . And, be sure to read Barry Orr's article, The Cosmically Stressed Election of 2008, an astrological perspective on the Presidential election.

We're also introducing two new learning tools, Carolyn Egan's Weather Course on CD and Madalyn Hillis-Dineen's new DVD, Secrets of a Locality Astrologer.

Have a great summer!
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Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Astrolabe, Inc.
Two New Learning Tools from
Carolyn Egan and Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Weather Course CDCarolyn Egan's
Weather Course CD
ABC's Sam Champion can make accurate weather predictions... for a week at a time. But, Astrometerologist Carolyn Egan can teach you to forecast weather accurately months ahead of time. Need to know what the weather will be for an outdoor wedding and family reunion? The course reflects fifteen years of her accumulated observations, ideas and success.  Click here for more details.
Locality DVD
Madalyn Hillis-Dineen's Secrets of a Locality Astrologer DVD

Certified Astro*Carto*Graphy interpreter and Astrolabe's Director of Marketing Madalyn Hillis-Dineen leads you through some fascinating examples in astro-locality using the charts of the famous and the infamous! The DVD covers standard A*C*G principles of planet lines and parans, the concept of shadowed planets but also includes a look at midpoints and introduces the paran clock.  Click here for more details.

Solar Fire Tech Tips and Tricks
Tech Support LogoAttention Owners of
Solar Fire Gold!

There's a new free update for Solar Fire Gold (v.7.0.6) available for download at our website  and it comes with two wonderful new features. We have added a brand new set of Solar Return Chart Art, a set of 12 illustrated templates with a brief  interpretation of the Solar Return Sun in each House.  And, now Solar Fire has midpoint interpretations by Julian Venables, in addition to interpretations of natal, synastry, transits, progressions and firdaria. These new features are available for free download at our website.


Divining Declination in Solar Fire

Declination expert Leigh Westin graciously shares with us a guide to the various ways to find declination in Solar Fire. Read more here.
The Cosmically Stressed Election of 2008
by Barry C. Orr
Obama-McCainElection Day 2008 is marked by a planetary combination symbolizing the angst-generating tension between stasis and change.

Every four years, the global community of astrologers does its best to predict the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. Given that astrology can be as much a mantic art as it is a science, and that astrologers are as subject to political prejudices as anyone else, the results are sometimes mixed. However, often the most interesting information gleaned from an astrological analysis of an election is not who will win, but a description of conditions surrounding the winning.

For example, in 2000, a number of astrologers clearly foresaw the uncertainty and "irregularities" surrounding the electoral process.

The Big AVisit our website to see our complete product line of software, chart services, instructional tools, books, jewelry and t-shirts.

Since 200 A.D., astrologers have depended on the Astrolabe to map the stars. They still do!
In This Issue
New Learning Tools
Tech Tips and Tricks
Cosmically Stressed Election of 2008 by Barry Orr
Old Time Astrologer

Save 10% on Solar Fire!

Here's your chance to save 10% on your purchase of a new or upgrade to  Solar Fire Gold. Solar Fire Gold includes many new features including decorative art charts, customizable transit and progression calendars, a built-in astro encyclopedia, new timed celebrity charts, astrodynes, powerful new electional and chart search functions and interpretations for firdaria and midpoints! This is the first sale we've had on the Gold version and the perfect opportunity to purchase this fabulous program at a reduced price! We're not likely to have the program at this price again for a while, so be sure to take advantage of this offer NOW!

No discount code necessary. Just order Solar Fire at our website or by phone at 1/800/843-6682  to get your 10% savings.

Sale ends at Noon, US EDT, July 7, 2008!

Save $25 on Getting the Most from Solar Fire DVD Set!

 Though Solar Fire is intuitive and easy to use, the Getting the Most from Solar Fire DVDs help you to maximize your use of your program. DVD 1 covers the program basics starting with casting a chart. DVD 2 guides you through the customization and dynamic features of the program. DVD 3 takes you through the new features in Solar Fire Gold. The 3 DVD set has almost 6 hours of instruction. Here's what one happy DVD owner says about her videos:
"I've learned so much already and I'm not even through the first DVD. Thank you so much Madalyn! These DVDs are really important for people like me - thank you, thank you, thank you!"
 Madhavii Shirman, Colorado.

No discount code necessary. Just order your Getting the Most from Solar Fire DVD Set at our website or by phone at 1/800/843-6682  to get your $25 savings.

Sale ends at Noon, US EDT, July 7, 2008!
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