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AUGuries - The Astrolabe User Group Newsletter
Putting the Pieces Together
May-June 2007
Dear Madalyn,

JigSaw is one of the most powerful astrological programs on the market. It helps you put the pieces together when working with any group of charts - for rectification, to find common patterns or for research. And, the new version 2.1 includes over 5 hours of tutorials by Bernadette Brady. one of the finest astrologers of our time. In this issue of AUGuries, read about her approach to rectification, which is the basis for the Rectification module of JigSaw.

Until June 30, we're offering JigSaw 2.1 - The Tutorial Version at a special introductory price. We're also including a free ZoneTrekker program with your purchase of Solar Maps. And, see the coupon below to save $25 on your purchase of the Getting the Most from Solar Fire DVD Set when you purchase any two InfiniTees. Plus, don't forget to check out our FREE STUFF GALORE at our website, including our popular Astro-Weather feature on your mobile phone!

We welcome your feedback. Let us know what you'd like to see in our monthly issues of AUGuries. And, if you have an article or item to contribute, please do send it along to

In This Issue
Graphic Rectification by Bernadette Brady
Tech Tips - Windows Vista
Astrolabe On The Road
JigSaw 2.1 - The Tutorial Version
The Theory and Practice of Graphic Rectification by Bernadette Brady
One of the single biggest problems with rectification is the astrologer's subjectivity. As soon as we make a decision based on our own astrological interpretations, we are projecting our own chart onto the person and so will see our astrological opinion of the client rather than the client's internal reality. One of the important points of Graphic Rectification is that the astrologer is eliminated from the process as much as possible.

In addition, pressure can be removed from the astrologer's shoulders if the actual quest for the birth time is abandoned. This may seem a strange comment but if you can approach a rectification not trying to find the birth time but rather the chart with which one can work for predictive reasons, you have a better chance of success. One would like to think that the chart which is yielding good predictive results is also the birth time, but in most cases the astrologer and the client will never know and thus I feel it is better to let go of the "birth time" hunt and concentrate on finding a chart that has been generated by the client's history. For that is exactly what graphic rectification is best at, letting the client's history create a chart. 

Tech Tips
Tech Support LogoGot Vista? Find out all you need to know about Vista compatibility with your Astrolabe Software.
Astrolabe on the Road
The Big A

Thursday, June 7, 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm. New York City: Gary Christen - "The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow." Astrological combinations provide a steady backdrop to the movement of events as sure as a clock predicts time. And we live in remarkable times. Gary will talk about upcoming conditions. How will the current events affect humankind's direction? How will these events affect you and the collective? How should one best plan for this future? Obwervations, thoughts and strategies will be presented in Gary's clear, easy to follow conversation. $20.

Immediately following the talk, Gary demonstrates Nova Chartwheels for owners of Nova Chartwheels only - FREE, 8 pm -9:30 pm. Gary Christen is the genius behind this very specialized and powerful program and he will show you how to use it like a master! You must pre-register by contacting us at 1/800/843-6682 or sending an email to

Both events are at the Meta Center NY, 214 W. 29 St., 16th Floor.


Saturday, June 9, New York City NCGR Confernce at Hunter College: Gary Christen - "Uranian Thoughts on a Satunian World." The great advances of the 20th Century are an expression of a conscious leap and the technology that has been developed in the last 150 years. This lecture is about how we perceive change and growth from a collective point of view. See how the movement from a life based on the cycle of Saturn gives way to the longer cycle of Uranus. For more details, visit the NCGR NYC website.


David Beazley will present two Beginner's Uranian Astrology Workshops. David is an expert user of Nova Chartwheels and a core presenter for the Symmetrical Astrology Track at UAC 2008. David will use the program extensively in these workshops.

    Naples, FL: Weekend of June 9, hosted by Bob Mulligan.
    Atlanta, GA: Weekend of June 23, hosted by Kathy Papoultis.

For information on either of these Workshops call  727-844-3111 or write to


Since 200 A.D., astrologers have depended on the Astrolabe to map the stars. They still do!
voice: 1-800-THE NOVA (843-6682)
JigSaw 2.1
The Tutorial Version
Old Time Astrologer

includes more than five hours of tutorials by Bernadette Brady, a Built-in ACS Atlas, the latest Swiss Ephemeris files and Bernadette's unique Group*Astro*Dynamics report!

Question: What is the most frequent zodiac sign of all the US President's natal points and all their midpoints?

Answer: 233 of the positions of the natal planets and midpoints of the 43 Presidents are located in the sign of Capricorn.

Question: What are the most sensitive points in your chart to transits, progressions or solar arc?

Answer: Put your life events into Jigsaw's rectification module and find out!

Question: What do ALL 43 Presidents of the USA have in common in their natal charts?

Answer: None of them have their natal Moon in Pisces!

Finding the
answers to these questions and more takes about 30 seconds in JigSaw. JigSaw is like having three programs for the price of one! It is your complete tool for:

  • Family Patterns reveals the hidden links among the charts in any group.
  • Rectification deduces birth times from the charts of life events.
  • Research tabulates and graphs specified factors in research and control groups.

New in Version 2.1:

18-lesson tutorial totalling 5.5 hours by JigSaw's brilliant co-designer Bernadette Brady, that shows you not only how to use the program's many features, but also the theories behind them. Now you'll be able to use the awesome power of JigSaw to the max!

Built-in ACS Atlas with longitude, latitude and the latest time change info makes entering chart data easier than ever.

JigSaw 2.1 is compatible with the new Solar Fire 6 chart files. It can also export rectification events to Solar Fire 6 event lists.

Plus, you can now copy rectification events and research results into word-processing documents and emails. Great for communicating with clients and fellow researchers!

Chart calculations cover a 10,800-year timespan and have new Swiss-Ephemeris accuracy.

Besides being compatible with Windows 95 and higher, JigSaw 2.1 is fully compatible with Windows Vista.

JigSaw 2 also includes a host of free databases such as individual life events for rectification, weather events, and charts of prominent figures to use with the program.

Only $325* 

Upgrade from v. 1 or 2, only $89*

* Introductory offer until 6/30/2007.

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