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The astrological weather you see below is constantly changing. The interpretation of the applying moon below can change several times a day, and the interpretation of the Sun changes daily. Other planets change less often.
These 'applying' aspects listed below are the aspects which are still coming into being, they are the next aspects to happen. These applying aspects are thought to have the most powerful influence on the current moment. If a planet is not going to make another aspect before it moves into a new sign, then that planet is said to be 'void' and it's effect is of diminished importance for the time being. Except for the moon, void planets are not listed below.
Be sure to come back and consult this page when you need advice on whether the time is right to begin your important undertakings.

April 17 2014
11:00 PM Time Zone is EDT

Applying Moon Square Neptune
Conditions are confused and uncertain. Feelings run high. Perceptions are altered, leading to misunderstandings. Imagination, escapism, and gullibility are factors to contend with.

Applying Mercury Conjunct Sun
This contact often indicates that news or an announcement of some importance from leaders is imminent. If Mercury is retrograde, then this is a time of urgent matters or impulsive decisions. If Mercury is direct, itís a time of decision making based on rules and regulations. Transportation-related issues are active now and they may require special attention.

Applying Venus Sextile Pluto
Social situations open up and accords are reached. Itís a time for sharing and participation with groups for mutual benefits.

Applying Mars Square Pluto
Power plays and territory takeovers make news. Intense discussions, strategy sessions, investigations, and intelligence gathering are responses. Military actions and industrial or natural disasters may also occur under this unstable and dangerous alignment. Itís a time for cleanups and for fostering decisive change.

Applying Jupiter Square Uranus
Revolutionary or controversial ideas are in the news. Legal issues and decisions may provoke social and political unrest. An explosion of new ideas, inventions, and innovations (in sports, transportation, law, and religion) may coincide with a wave of social and economic instability.

Applying Saturn Sextile Pluto
This is a time that calls for restraint and economy. Many will find the endurance and persistence necessary to maintain stability and to reach long-range goals.

Applying Uranus Square Pluto
This may be a time of social upheaval, even revolutions. Geological and technical disasters are also possible. Intense conflicts between different factions of society will weaken the fabric of culture. Strikes, protests, and collective bargaining are manifestations of this impulse. Change will not come without some losses.

Applying Neptune Sextile Pluto
This is a time of important developments on an international and trans-cultural level. Typical events include challenges to governments and the beginnings of new cultural movements.

Pluto void in Capricorn
There is movement toward displaying outright power. Tolerance and patience are pushed aside in favor of drastic actions. Old wounds are reopened and confrontations forced. Power plays occur. Secret forces make their presence known. Some seek to act on their urges, others attempt to stop them. Deep secrets are revealed. A collective cleansing is in order.

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